Painswick RFC started girls’ rugby in 2016.

Then Girls from Stroud High, Archway, Kingshill, St Peter’s, Churchdown and Gloucestershire International School had joined and Painswick RFC are actively looking for new members.

One of the inaugural players, 14-year-old Flo Cross explains how the squad was formed.

“I played a little touch rugby and the full contact game with the boys for a year.  At the end of that season I was told I couldn’t play mixed anymore and would have to find another club.  The nearest clubs with girls’ teams were miles away and I didn’t want to leave the club I knew.  I had already approached my coach of last year and he suggested Painswick would welcome a girls’ team.  I emailed Martin Lewis, Head Coach at Painswick RFC to put forward the idea.  He was enthusiastic and allowed Dad and myself to start attracting other girls with posters and emails in different schools, shops, sports centres, and many other places.   The first training session that ensued was a success and it has spiralled upwards from there.”

“Rugby is open to anyone, any shape, any size, any background, any ability – whatever you look like, whoever you are, there will be a space for you on our team.”

Painswick RFC is the oldest village rugby club in England – a fact commemorated in the Museum of Rugby at Twickenham.  Early games were played in white or work clothes making it difficult for the players to distinguish who was the opposition so the Painswick Vicar at the time persuaded his wife to cut up her red curtains for sashes for the home team and the ‘Cherry and Whites’ name was born.  Painswick still proudly wear the colours today.

Painswick RFC is a family oriented club driven by a passion for rugby and enjoyment of the game.  We make sure everyone is accommodated for, focusing on players having a great time, meeting new friends and most importantly, leaving with a smile on their faces.

 Painswick RFC Girls Squad 2016-2017

Some of the current Girls Squad

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