Anti Doping in Rugby:

In August 2012, Gloucestershire’s Rugby Clubs were invited to a briefing by Steven Watkins, the RFU’s Anti-Doping & Illicit Drugs Programme manager at Hartpury College.

At the briefing, it was explained to those present, the obligations that all players and officials have with regard to doping and illicit drugs. Gloucestershire RFU are in the forefront of the response to the problem, therefore, all players are subject to the same responsibilities as elite and Olympic athletes, and as such, can expect to be random drug tested in the same manner, and suffer the same penalties under the current WADA codes. Put simply, this means you could face a two year ban from all sport if you provide a positive sample.

The subject is a highly complex and fluid one, so cannot be dealt with on these pages. Please see the official links below. If you are taking any form of supplement, please take time to read the information. It is your responsibility – no-one else’s.

The RFU’s Position Statement

“Rugby players of all ages and standards will benefit from good hydration, a balanced rugby-orientated diet, well organised training and a healthy lifestyle.

“Dietary supplements can play a part but are neither a short-cut, nor an alternative, to those 4 cornerstones of performance.” Rugby players should only seek and accept advice on the use of supplements from suitably qualified experts. There is good evidence to support the effectiveness of some supplements; equally, there are many for which there is no evidence that they actually work.”

“There can be no guarantee that a supplement is free from prohibited substances.

Players are solely responsible for any prohibited substance found in their body.

“The RFU supports the Informed Sport programme as a quality assurance programme for supplements”